Choose one of the following museums for your final paper:

Museum to visit: San Jose Museum of Art

Paintings to view: Robert Henri's California Portraits: Realism, Race, and Region, 1914-1925/


  1. At the museum, start by spending some time viewing all the works.
  2. Choose one painting by Robert Henri to write about.
  3. When writing:
    • Begin by giving a general description of the painting. Be specific. Include title, year, size.
    • Then write about its material qualities, colors, and how these relate to content. Try to connect to your personal experience in painting this semester.
  4. Email as Word Doc. by due date (see syllabus)


  1. Demonstrated understanding of the materials and techniques of oil painting as they apply to the content of a work
  2. Demonstrated understanding of color and how it functions in painting
  3. The paper should be approximately 600-700 words (1 page)
  4. It must be emailed to me by posted date (no late acceptance)

Or if you would like to write about one of Claude Monet's paintings:

Museum to visit: Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Paintings to view: Claude Monet

Assignment and Criteria:

Same as above.
For anyone interested in abstract landscape, it is possible to write about the following show instead:

Museum to visit: Berkeley Art Museum

Paintings to view: John Zurier: Matrix 255

Here is and interview with the artist.

Assignment and Criteria:

Same as above.